Mishandling of Ceramics

The mishandling of ceramics, and in particular, bone china, is the most common reason for damage of such items. Cracks and scratches not only ruin the aesthetic appearance of bone china; they also lead to further disintegration. There are some very simple steps that can be taken to ensure that bone china collections are kept in pristine condition and help keep their value.

It is highly recommended that gloves are used at all times when handling bone china. This may seem a little over protective, but the wearing of gloves will significantly reduce the risk of damage or complete breakages.

By removing all jewellery when handling bone china reduces the chance of scratching or chipping of the piece. Even very minute scratches and cracks will eventually lead to more extensive damage.

Distributing the weight of an item made of bone china is essential when handling it. Support should always be given to the base of a piece even if it is lightweight.

Keeping a bone china piece in pristine condition means cleaning it regularly and properly. The most efficient way to clean bone china is by using baking soda which is sprinkled onto the item fully, followed by pouring some white vinegar over it creating a fizzy cleaner. This should then be gently wiped with a sponge. To complete the cleaning process, leave the item/s to air dry or dry gently with a lint free cloth.

Correct storage of bone china will undoubtedly keep it at its best. If the items are intended for view, a glass cabinet will offer the greatest protection and will showcase the items beautifully.